Monday, January 25, 2010

" Thing 2"

I guess I have not ever really thought about the habits or routines of a person who is a succesful lifelong learner. I just assumed it was something that came naturally to some, and maybe it does. From viewing the 7 1/2 steps of a successful learner I learned that I am already doing some of the steps :-) yay! I feel that I am probably the most successful with habit 1- having an end in mind. I am very goal oriented, and it helps me to know where I need or want to end up when working on a helps me feel accomplished and productive when I complete steps. The hardest habit for me is most likely habit 3- viewing challenges as a learning experience and not a problem. Sometimes when life gets crazy it is hard not to get overwhelmed. In the moment I tend to get frustrated instead of stopping to think..."what can I learn from this?"

1 comment:

  1. I hope by the end of your adventure, you question "what can I learn from this" will be merely a regular step in your planning process...that problems and frustrations have turned into learning experiences!