Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Thing 5 - Using Flickr

Flickr is a great photosharing website! It is great that you have the ability to use some pictures from Flickr's creative commons for free! I love the way you can join groups (where you share commonalities with others, and can share pics or info based on these commonalities). I also love that you can map where pictures were taken! This is a great tool if you are wanting to show your class something and need to give them some perspective on where it happened. I also learned that a Tag is when you identify a picture to fit in a certain group.

Librarians use Flickr to share ideas, have author and book discussions, and disperse information to other libraries(including public libraries) about their program. Here is a picture that I found. I was thinking of using it in a lesson about a hero we study, Jane Addams.

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  1. the historical groups are some of my favorites...be sure and credit pictures when you use them. Flickr provides hot links to the file.

    it is also helpful to hot link sites you discuss so your readers can click and go there immediately.

    use the chain icon on the post box toolbar to make these links.