Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Thing 7- The world of Google

I have to admit, I am a HUGE google fan! I just think it is so user friendly, and it looks pretty too :-) One of my favorite Google aps is Google Earth. It is so cool to think that you can see something as tiny as a house from space! It is a wonderful tool, and has done a tone for geography instruction (not that I do much of that in the 3rd grade). I think Google Scholar will also come in handy during the course of grad school!

To be honest, I dont see a huge need for some of the other tools...but maybe that is because I already have my favorites with those. The calendar just seems like an extra step, especially if you are using outlook already. I also think there are better photo sharing sites. Flickr is great, and I also really enjoy Shutterfly. I like Shutterfly because you can send your pictures to Target to be printed, and you have the flexiblity to add your pics to a cute website. We have one if you would like to see our little one :-))



  1. Hi Nanci! Enjoyed your post!

    Did you know that you can actually sync your Google calendar with your outlook calendar? That's one way that I eliminate the "extra step." The other thing I like about it is that my Google calendar syncs with my iPhone, so anything I add to it will automatically get pushed to my phone. Just a little tip in case you want to experiment. :-)

    I like Shutterfly as well. My husband and I make a hard back photo book from all of our trips. They make wonderful keepsakes and hold up better than the old photo albums used to.

    Connor is a cutie!

  2. Connor is so precious! What a great way to preserve those photos and see the changes over time. Don't they grow so much that first year? Wow!

    Thanks for mentioning Shutterfly and showing us your use of it! Something else to check out ;-)