Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thing 19- Twitter and amMap

The two web 2.0 award winners I enjoyed exploring the most were Twitter and amMap. Twitter is a great communication tool that alerts followers when a status update has occured. This makes it easy for the people who want to know about you, as they dont have to go to a computer and look you up. Updates are sent directly to phones. As a teacher or librarian the benefits of using Twitter would be communication to parents. They could easily be alerted of upcoming assignements, events, fun little tid bits of information, and reminders.

amMap is a great free mapping tool! It offers information such as population size, flight routes, a zoom tool and timelines. It is also interactive and a country is highlighted when you scroll over it. As a teacher this is a great tool to use when discussing ancient civilizations, heritage projects, geography and the location of just about anything! A librarian can use this to show the where the setting of a book happens, to help with research, or to give more information about an author.


  1. Do you Twitter? I hav an account but have never really used it.I still don't think I understand how it works...I THINK I finally understand how it can be useful, but I need some tutoring!

  2. I do have a Twitter account. I do use it some, but dont use it much(not much time to Twitter lately :-)). The nice thing is you can keep up with people...but they aren't aloud to get wordy so it is quick!

  3. Nanci,

    I will have to get you to show me how to twitter. Also the amMap site was very useful. Thanks