Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thing 20- You Tube and Teacher Tube

Using video sharing sites is a great tool for teachers and librarians to be knowledgeable on. We are constantly looking for ways to make our lessons more appealing to studetns, and what better way than to show them video!! This is also a great tool for teachers, as contrary to popular belief....we don't know everything :-) This is a great way for us to learn new things, contributing the educational goal of lifelong learning. You Tube has so many video files, it is truley amazing what you can find. When searching on You Tube I looked up Library 2.0 and found a video on the 23 things!!! Here it is:

Teacher Tube also has great resources, and the beauty is...they are meant for the classroom. I looked up Ancient Rome, since that is a coming SS objective for 3rd grade and found many videos. A downfall that I found was that it seemed to be VERY slow! I searched for quite a while, and only managed to view 1 video.


  1. YouTube and TeacherTube are great resources for continuing education. One of the areas that our school library was lacking in the standards are its use creation and implementation of professional development for teachers. YouTube or TeacherTube would be a relatively easy way to put instructional videos on the library website or blog. Great post!

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