Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thing 10- Image

This thing was alot of fun. I think my favorite was the wordle, because I could see being able to use it in class with getting big ideas and details. Examples would be ancient civilizations and characteristics of them, or math concepts, or a character in a books traits. I created a wordle, a custom sign generator, and a happy face generator all about my baby boy because he is about to turn 1!!! I also found Glitter Words that can be fun, but not sure how they would benefit you in the classroom, except for getting kids attention on a power point.
Wordle: Connor's Wordle


  1. Nanci,

    Congrats on your little boy turning one! He is precious. I love the other mash-ups you created ;-) I had never seen Glitter Words; thanks for mentioning this one. Great post, and Happy B-day to your little boy!

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