Wednesday, March 17, 2010

thing 14- Technorati

Technorati is a great tool if you are looking for information in blogs. There are millions of blogs out there and just like searching the internet, you can be bombarding with information to sift through. Technorati uses the process of tagging to simplify this. I think as a librarian this can be very valuable. Part of being a librarian is finding accurate information, and keeping up to date on literacy and technology. Following blogs is a great way to do both of these. A downside of Technorati was that as I was working with it, many of its features were not working properly. I will have to go back and check these features again later to see how they work. Tagging is a very simple step that can make retrieval of information much easier. To be honest, I am not one that has really been a 'tagger', I just didn't see the point. After learning about it though, I can see how simple it is to tag something, and what a tremendous time saver it can be later.


  1. As you become more comfortable with all the resources you are finding and the sheer volume begins to overwhelm you, tagging will become more valuable.

    Think about how difficult it would be to find books in your library if it were not for subject headings (very specialized tags!) or your online method of handling key words...another set of tags! Tags in the online world serve the same purpose...organized info!

  2. I am learning the value of tagging. When I visited my mom, I showed her my Shelfari shelves. I was able to show her the tags that connected to the books on my shelf. The tags helped her "see" what kinds of books I chose. Since we read many of the same books (we share--it cuts down on the expense!), she could relate easily to my tags.