Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thing 13- Delicious

I found delicious to be not so delicious at first. It was confusing to me but after the tutorials, I realized it is for people who have many bookmarks (I dont have many yet, but as classes continue I am sure I will). Once I got the process started it seemed easier. I did figure out how to share with people (I think), but you have to know their usernames and add them one at a time. I could see social bookmarking being used as a great tool in research. You can bookmark your sites and those who you want to locate those resources can find them more quickly and accurately. Teachers and librarians can use Delicious for research projects with older students, to share information about a topic with older students (studetns always seem more engaged when they can get on computers and find the information themselves). Teachers and librarians can also use this as a professional resource to share information with other collegues. I have added a few SmartBoard sites to mine, that I am sure my third grade team will love!

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