Sunday, March 14, 2010

thing 12- Commenting

Wow! I never knew what an impact commenting had on blogging. It makes sense, why blog if you dont feel that anyone is reading it? One of the comments I found very true was in the "10 Techniques to get more comments on your Blog" article. The author says to be humble in your posts. I totally agree with him, while some blogs it is important to know how intelligent the author is....I dont want to read something simply to read someone bragging about themsleves. I also found it interesting that only 9% of people actually comment on blogs, that is crazy! The comment from the same article about interacting with comments left also seemed very important to me. I think the purpose of commenting is to start discussions. If you dont comment back, the discussion ends with your reader. This is also discussed in the Blue Skunks Blog.."comments on commenting".

One of the blogs that I commented on outside of our program was the blog for Layla Grace Marsh. I have been following her story, a heartbreaking one at best. This is truly a blog that makes you want to hug your families a little more every day. I simply commented my condolences, prayers and thanks for sharing their story. The other blog I commented on was the blog for Julie Powell (the movie Julie and Juilia). I love to cook, so I found this blog very interesting. My post was in response to a post about her actually liking Rachel Ray (not one of my personal favorites), I tried to be positive and tell her a bit of pep is a good thing sometimes.


  1. You are very correct in saying that cmments help start discussions. I hope as time goes by you will have good discussions as a result of following and commenting on blogs.
    I went to your favorite blogs and saw your might be able to catch the program on a service like hulu where TV shows are replayed...also sometimes some segments show up on YouTube.

  2. Wow, the blog for Layla is just amazing. I can see where, even in sadness and challenges, a blog can be a good way for friends and family to know what is going on -- even from miles away. It's also a wonderful memorial and keepsake for a very special, loved little girl.

  3. VWB- great idea...I will have to check and see if I can find it.

    Luka- thanks for your comment! Layla's blog is so sad, but truley inspiring!

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